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Broad Criminal Defense Experience, Innovative Defense Strategies

Michael Chernis, principal attorney at Chernis Law Group P.C., has a wealth of experience representing clients in all phases of criminal proceedings across a broad array of subject matters in Southern California, in both federal and state courts. In addition to charges related to cannabis and marijuana, Mr. Chernis defends clients charged with various criminal offenses, including:

  • Medicare and healthcare fraud
  • Mortgage and loan fraud
  • Unauthorized practice of medicine
  • Copyright and trademark infringement
  • Insider trading
  • Tax violations
  • Controlled Substances Act violations
  • Structuring, accounting fraud and money laundering
  • Supervised release violations
  • Fire code violations
  • Alien smuggling

A Comprehensive Approach To Getting Results

Chernis Law Group P.C. handles all stages of criminal cases. Mr. Chernis is involved in handling investigative interviews, pre-trial motions, responding to grand jury subpoenas, plea negotiations, sentencing and appeals, in addition to providing trustworthy representation during the trial itself. Often, when Mr. Chernis begins representation before an arrest occurs, he is able to help his clients avoid criminal charges or diminish their impact.

Reduce Your Stress By Talking To An Experienced Defense Attorney

Michael Chernis is a tenacious defender. Even though he may be very experienced in a particular type of case, he treats each case as unique and never takes a “cookie-cutter” approach. Rather, he takes time to learn the facts and provide tailored advice to ward off indictment and provide a vigorous defense.

To reach him to set up an initial consultation, please call 310-558-2346 or send him an email. Chernis Law Group P.C. provides representation throughout Los Angles and all of Orange County.