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Helping Your Cannabis Business Comply With The Law

The cannabis industry is one of the most-regulated in California or for that what anywhere in the United States.  There are Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) regulations, there are local regulations (and sometimes Development Agreements and Conditional Use Permits).  There are a number of different Federal (Internal Revenue Service), State (California Department of Tax and Fee Administration) and local tax obligations.  Maintaining  compliance with myriad complex state and local regulations is important. Not just to maintain the license but also to avoid expensive fines and penalties.  If you are contemplating acquiring an existing cannabis license, it is extremely important to conduct due diligence to determine the extent to which the target is in compliance with both the DCC and the taxing authorities.

Chernis Law Group P.C. can assist with regulatory compliance issues and conducting due diligence on potential acquisition targets.  This may involve internal reviews of the business, and it can sometimes mean communicating with regulators to get clarity on particular regulations.  As a preeminent cannabis lawyer with more than 12 years of experience, founder Michael Chernis provides his clients with tailored assistance  and guidance to meet the requirements mandated by the Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) and the implementing regulations.

If you are involved with a business that manufactures or sells products containing hemp, CBD, or non-Delta 9 THC cannabinoids, Mr. Chernis can provide up-to-date legal guidance and counsel.

Remain In Compliance With The Help Of A Cannabis Lawyer

Michael S. Chernis keeps up to date with every legal development in the cannabis industry to make sure your business is in compliance. He routinely represents clients in Los Angeles and Orange County. Seek his help by contacting him for an initial consultation. To begin, call his Santa Monica office at 310-558-2346 or send him an email.