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Cannabis Licenses And Permits

California cannabis licensing is a dual licensing system and requires the license applicant to have a physical premises.  What this means is that  anyone who wishes to operate a commercial cannabis business will first have to apply for and obtain a license or permit from the local municipality where the physical premises is located  and then obtain one from the state Department of Cannabis Control. Cities throughout California are empowered under MAUCRSA to either permit specific types of cannabis activities or ban them.  Thus, before acquiring a property for purposes of cannabis activities it is first necessary to determine whether the local municipality authorizes that type of cannabis activity.  Furthermore, many cities employ caps or limits on the number of licenses issued for some types of cannabis activities, particularly retail, so it is also important to understand the City application process which often times is a competitive process.  There is also the possibility of purchasing a license obtained by someone else and short-circuiting the application process. Navigating the application or license acquisition process as well as negotiating for the leasing or purchase or property for the cannabis business requires trustworthy and experienced professionals.

Based in Santa Monica, the legal team at Chernis Law Group P.C. can help you identify which jurisdiction already has or may in the near term authorize the desired cannabis activity, submit an application for licensing to both local and state authorities, and assist with the acquisition of property or even a license if you want to forego the application process. With more than 12 years of experience, attorney Michael S. Chernis guides clients through the licensing process. He is one of the state’s longest-practicing cannabis lawyers and has become a leader in the field.

Licensing To Protect Your Brand

Chernis Law Group P.C. can can assist clients with trademarks or other intellectual property or proprietary methods to enter into an agreement with a joint venture or licensee who can produce and distribute the client’s product or brand. These are sometimes referred to as “white-label” or brand-licensing agreements.  It provides a means for a brand in one state to get its product manufactured in another state. He has negotiated several brand licensing agreements of this nature.

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Seeking a cannabis license  is a complex process, and raises a number of questions and concerns, but Michael S. Chernis can assist you with every detail. Work with him to receive skill, knowledge and guidance in all areas of cannabis law. To schedule your initial consultation, please call 310-558-2346 or send him an email. Chernis Law Group P.C. regularly assists clients throughout Orange County, Los Angeles County and Southern California.