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Helping Entrepreneurs Form Successful Cannabis Businesses

Chernis Law Group P.C.

represents a variety of clients in the cannabis business. This business sector has unique challenges and concerns, so it is critical that business decisions made by these businesses be reviewed carefully, and by an attorney with deep experience with this area of the law. Attorney Michael S. Chernis is not new to this practice area, but has been focusing on advising clients in the cannabis and CBD sectors since 2009.  He offers clients in Los Angeles, Orange County and all of Southern California sophisticated advice on:

  • Which business entity to form to meet the goals of the company and best navigate the nuances of cannabis business laws
  • Transactions, licenses and regulations, and real estate matters related to a business operation
  • Protection against personal liability for tax liabilities of the entity, IRS Regulation 280(e)
  • Any unique needs of the client

Chernis Law Group P.C. also drafts for its clients operating agreements, bylaws and management agreements, among other documents, that ensure legal compliance and also take into account other considerations unique to the cannabis sector. Chernis Law Group P.C. also assists clients with ongoing corporate maintenance issues necessary to maintaining legal protection.

In addition to his work with owners and managers in cannabis-focused companies, Mr. Chernis can also help enterprises that produce products containing hemp, CBD, or non-Delta 9 THC cannabinoids.

Retain A Knowledgeable Lawyer For Your Company

Cannabis businesses can be rewarding and lucrative. However, individuals and business entities should have the representation of a knowledgeable cannabis lawyer like Michael S. Chernis. To schedule an initial consultation about forming, operating or investing in a business, call 310-558-2346 or send him an email.