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Representation For Cannabis Charges And Regulatory Enforcement Actions

People in the cannabis business sector still face a threat of criminal prosecution. Even when businesses are permitted by state and local jurisdictions, there may be criminal or financial consequences for certain conduct that falls outside of what is permitted. There is also a rather robust “traditional” cannabis marketplace and that activity can sometimes lead to criminal charges being filed. And sometimes charges are filed not against operators of the illegal business but rather the innocent landlord or employee that didn’t realize the business was illegal.

In recent years, as federal enforcement of cannabis laws has waned, there has been an increase of federal investigations of “cannabis-plus” activities, meaning investigations of cannabis business for engaging in other criminal activity, or for money laundering of cannabis proceeds.  This often leads to issuance of grand jury subpoenas against individuals engaged in licensed cannabis activities.

For more than two decades, Michael Chernis of Chernis Law Group P.C. has been defending clients in criminal and regulatory enforcement matters, including over the last decade plus defending both individuals and businesses against charges stemming from cannabis-related activity. This includes allegations of unlicensed activity, leasing to illegal operators, charges related to illegal extractions, and not paying taxes.  He has a great deal of success representing dispensary operators, cultivators, transporters and more in state and federal court.

An Approach Tailored To You

Chernis Law Group P.C. handles all stages of criminal cases, including:

  • Testimony and investigative interviews
  • Presentations to prevent charges
  • Grand jury and pretrial motion practice
  • Trials and appeals
  • Plea negotiations and sentencing

Individuals and companies often turn to him to represent them in the pre-indictment investigation phase, where Mr. Chernis has been successful warding off criminal charges or minimizing the charges.

Defense in Governmental Investigations And Regulatory Enforcement Matters

Cannabis business face greater scrutiny and oversight from the Department of Cannabis Control, which has bolstered its staffing and compliance program. Many businesses are enduring routine compliance examinations and sometimes investigations in response to third-party complaints. In addition, taxing authorities, particularly the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) and IRS, routinely audit cannabis businesses. Understanding how to minimize the impact of these examinations and audits are critical to your business’s success.

For more than two decades Michael Chernis has been representing individuals and businesses in regulatory enforcement actions and has a great deal of experience representing cannabis businesses in that context. This includes numerous IRS 280E audits and DCC inquiries and investigations, as well as inquiries at the local level.

Talk To A Defense Attorney About Cannabis Charges And Business Representation

Criminal charges related to cannabis or governmental investigations and prosecutions can be incredibly stressful and emotionally demanding. Michael Chernis handles your case personally. He treats each matter with great appreciation and respect for the difficulties it places upon you and is a tenacious defender. He can also help you with criminal charges unrelated to the cannabis industry.

When you need help, Michael S. Chernis is ready to assist you. To reach him to set up an initial consultation, please call 310-558-2346 or send him an email. Chernis Law Group P.C. provides representation in Los Angeles, Orange County and all of Southern California.