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Twitter claims it will allow cannabis ads

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2023 | marijuana businesses

So far, no social media platforms have allowed cannabis advertising. This makes sense in states where marijuana is not yet legal, but even in less regressive states that have both medical and recreational marijuana options; ads have not been seen.

That may be about the change. According to Twitter, they’re going to start allowing cannabis ads on the site, but only for locations where marijuana is legal at the state level. This would include California but also extends to states like Michigan or Colorado.

In fact, in their announcement about the change, Twitter specifically mentions that users enjoy cannabis both for medical purposes and for recreation and wellness. The site seeks to give brands a way to promote their products, but they also mention allowing users to share their experiences or create reviews.

Why is this a big change?

The first reason that this is a big change is that marijuana is still federally illegal. Many credit cards are not accepted at dispensaries for this reason, and it’s also why social media companies wouldn’t run the ads. Even though states may have made it legal, companies were worried about potentially engaging in federally illegal activities.

But Twitter believes that the cannabis industry is changing and noted directly that they were trying to stay more in line with where that industry is headed right now. As more and more states approve recreational marijuana, this would make sense on many levels. However, it does raise a lot of questions about federal legality and what that is going to mean moving forward.

Laws and policies around cannabis are always changing and shifting, especially in recent years. Those involved in the industry must know about all of their legal obligations and options.