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Are you a caregiver facing cannabis charges?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | marijuana law

Even though medical and recreational marijuana are both legal on the state level, one demographic group can be targeted by overzealous police action and subsequent prosecution. Caregivers can serve multiple MMJ patients, which could potentially place them in the crosshairs due to quantity.

The law is clear, however. As a caregiver, you have the right to serve multiple patients. This contrasts with the patient’s requirement to only designate a single caregiver to serve them.

Caregiving status matters with quantity

Because serving your designated patients cannot be your only caregiving duty, when you serve multiple patients, your record-keeping should be meticulous. Don’t wind up facing cannabis possession allegations due to sloppy bookkeeping.

Civil penalties are a reality as well

Criminal charges are not all that caregivers need to worry about regarding supplying the patients they serve. Jurisdictional considerations matter as well when it comes to where you can legally grow cannabis.

That can create civil penalties that quickly add up, making your caregiving position no longer just unprofitable but a liability. It can also be challenging to stay on top of updated knowledge of the frequently changing cannabis laws. 

Federal laws could be subject to change as well, which is something for which California cannabis advocates have been diligently lobbying for years. Until that day comes, MMJ patients and their caregivers, adult recreational users, growers and all those profiting off the burgeoning cannabis industry must continue to operate within the parameters of California cannabis laws.

Should you run afoul of these, having a cannabis ally by your side can make all the difference when you face cannabis charges.