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Know the cannabis laws and caveats in California

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2022 | marijuana law

Cannabis isn’t illegal in California, but there are several things that residents need to know about this substance. This is one of the only ways that you can minimize the chance that you’re going to face legal charges because of it. 

Unfortunately, laws surrounding cannabis are always changing. This means that unless you have the time and ability to remain on top of it all, you can inadvertently break the law. Because ignorance of the law isn’t a suitable defense, knowing a bit about what’s allowed in California is critical.

California laws

Adults who are 21 years old or older can legally buy cannabis. They can also grow and possess the substance. People who are 18 or older can do these same things if they meet one of the criteria for medical cannabis. These include having a county medical marijuana card, a physician recommendation, or qualifying as a caregiver.

Cannabis can be used on personal property, but never on public property. Individuals can determine whether cannabis is allowed on their property or not. Landlords can forbid the use of cannabis at their rental properties if desired. 

Federal limitations

One thing to remember about cannabis is that you can’t use it or possess it on federal lands, including those in California. This is because it’s still illegal on a federal level. Even though the state court won’t prosecute you for using cannabis, the federal court may choose to pursue charges. This must be taken seriously because the consequences are severe. 

Anyone who’s facing criminal charges for cannabis should ensure they have someone on their side who knows the laws pertaining to these matters. This can help them to determine what type of defense they need to work on. It should be done quickly