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CDFA’s Division of Measurement Standards Weighs In

| Jul 22, 2016 | News

Before you purchase a scale to weigh your medical cannabis; please read this important notice.

Did you know that all scales used for commercial cannabis measurement must meet strict standards for accuracy? Scales must be approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Division of Measurement Standards (DMS), and be issued either an Evaluation Program Certificate of Approval or an Evaluation Program Certificate of Conformance before you can use the scale for commercial measurement.

The DMS recommends a Class II scale for use by medical cannabis cultivators. This type of scale is ten times more accurate that the scales used in most retail food stores. To ensure accurate labeling and to protect your bottom line; contact your local county Agricultural Commissioner’s Weights and Measures Office using the link: They can help make sure that the scale you purchase is state approved and appropriate for your business needs.

For more detailed information, check out the DMS‘s booklet regarding Weights and Measures Regulations for the Cannabis Industry at: /dms/pdfs/MedicalCannabisRegulatoryRequirements.pdf

Additional note: Use extreme caution if buying a scale online. Companies in other states or foreign countries may not understand or conform to California state and local requirements. For tips on buying scales online, you can review valuable information from the National Conference on Weights and Measures Buying Scales Fact Sheet.

Please be aware: Your scale will be inspected by either a State or county inspector! So spend a few minutes up front making sure your scale meets state accuracy standards; otherwise your business may be “out-of-order” while your device is repaired or modified for compliance.

You can visit the DMS website for additional information at: