Chernis Law Group P.C. helps individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry and other “regulated” business sectors or facing criminal charges and regulatory enforcement actions, navigate those challenges with experience, thoughtfulness, creativity and hard work

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Solution-Focused Legal Representation For Business Owners

Forming and running a business can be demanding yet rewarding work. But when day-to-day operations are mired by legal issues, disputes and the threat of litigation, business owners can easily find themselves lost in a sea of what-ifs and questions about what’s next. Depending on your industry, you may also have to worry about the consequences of running afoul of complicated and onerous compliance guidelines, up to and including tax audits or even criminal prosecution. This is particularly so in the California cannabis industry, which has myriad regulations and regulators overseeing licensed operators, as well as a robust traditional market that operates outside the legal framework.

Attorney Michael S. Chernis applies more than 25 years of experience as a attorney in both New York and California, and more than a decade of experience representing and defending individuals and business operating in the cannabis sector, to protect the best interests of his clients on a range of legal matters. His background handling both civil and criminal cases allows him to size up complicated situations and seek a solution that keeps your operations stable and minimizes the fallout for you and your company. Mr. Chernis can act as your advocate when you are facing a legal dispute, as well as a savvy and experienced counselor on legal questions related to the growth and expansion of your enterprise.

With Chernis Law Group P.C. on your side, you can relax and focus on what you are best at – running your business.

Comprehensive Services For Cannabis Business Enterprises

Mr. Chernis has offered legal services to cannabis businesses in California since 2008. As the industry has developed, he has expanded his client base from the OG “non-profit collectives” and Pre-ICO/Prop D dispensaries, to licensed cultivators, retailers, manufacturers, investors, and ancillary service providers.   and business partners seeking to participate in this rapidly growing market sector. He can answer questions – and offer creative solutions – related to compliance, regulations, zoning, litigation, transactions, criminal matters and regulatory enforcement and federal taxation issues. His goal is to help his clients  thrive and prosper, while adhering to state and federal laws.

As one of the longest serving cannabis attorneys in California, Mr. Chernis has seen how the laws related to the legalization of cannabis have changed over the years. He uses this long-term knowledge to help his clients understand potential threats and opportunities in the market, and to make the strategic moves that will best position them for success.

Turn To Chernis Law Group To Negotiate Strong Currents In the Business World

You don’t have to let your business capsize in a legal storm. Mr. Chernis prides himself on being as much of a problem-preventer as he is a problem-solver. If you are facing legal issues stemming from a business dispute, contract dispute, alleged violation of compliance laws, allegations of criminal activity or other legal matters related to your business, he can both help you find a satisfactory resolution and understand how to avoid similar problems in the future.

To arrange an initial meeting about your legal matter, call Chernis Law Group’s office in Santa Monica at 310-558-2346 or send an email using the firm’s online intake form. Mr. Chernis works with clients doing business in and/or located in Southern California – particularly Los Angeles and all of Orange County.